International Mentorship Programme


Perhaps you are an ‘A’ Levels student applying for that dream college or scholarship, but are not sure how to better enhance your chances. Or you may have just completed your Bachelor’s degree, but are unsure if a PhD is for you. You could even be a secondary school student extremely interested in learning psychology or medicine, but have troubling finding someone to teach you.

This is why Scholars International Singapore has been set up – to help highly driven, aspiring students like yourselves achieve your goals. It does not matter what level you are at, as long as you require support for your ambitions, we will do our best to assist you.

Why are you doing this?

Scholar International is a society set up in 2015 by two medical doctors, Dr Kinan Muhammad and Dr Louwai Muhammad, in the United Kingdom. The Singapore Chapter has been lead since June 2015 by Oxford cognitive neuroscientist and current A*STAR National Science Scholar, Ang Yuen Siang. Besides scientific research, Yuen Siang is very passionate about education of the next generation. He believes that for Singapore to continue to maintain its amazing growth and success, grooming our next generation of leaders, teachers, scientists, entrepreneurs etc. is of vital importance, and Yuen Siang hopes to contribute back to society in his own way by partaking in that effort.

Is there any cost to join?

Nope, participation in the program is absolutely free. All we require is your enthusiasm, passion and determination to achieve your goals.

are you even qualified to mentor anyone?

We are not going to profess any expertise in guiding people. However, we all have unique experiences and specializations that we believe would be useful in guiding you towards your goal. Our team of mentors currently consists of Oxford and Cambridge students and scholarship recipients, and we are constantly on the lookout for potential mentors that share the same vision.


We invite you to join our international mentoring programme today!

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