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Syria Scholar – Is an award winning online education platform bringing together academics from the United Kingdom with university students in Syria. Our teaching model allows UK educators to deliver presentations in real time using their own teaching slides with live audio. There is also the facility for 2 way video conferencing for practical teaching, which is especially useful for tutorials in clinical medicine. Our tutors have graduated from Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London and have been affiliated with Harvard Medical School. They have considerable background in teaching and education and are keen to help students in Syria studying medicine, biomedical sciences and pharmacology.

Student Mess – Is an online multimedia sharing platform, allowing medical students to exchange a range of resources vital for clinical and undergraduate medical examinations. The site allows free sharing of videos, podcasts, sound clips, pictures, documents, lectures, notes and much more.

Multimedia iBook – Respiratory Notes For Clinical Exams is a free interactive text to aid with clinical respiratory examinations for both medical school finals and further post graduate examinations such as the MRCP in the UK and USMLE in the USA. It is written in note form to facilitate revision on the wards and is divided into two main sections. The first chapter gives guidance on how to perform the respiratory clinical examination with tips and advice for the exam itself. The second chapter is broken up into commonly seen cases in respiratory medicine, including questions to test your knowledge and interactive sound files giving examples of what to look for when performing the examination. The book can be used in any order and will hopefully provide a valuable foundation and revision platform for respiratory clinical examinations.

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Journal of Scholar International – JoSI gives students the opportunity to publish their work to an international audience for free. It provides exposure to the peer review process and experience in publishing work in peer reviewed journals, essential knowledge for the future careers of students.

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